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aka ECMA-167. UDF (Universal Disk Format). It is a CD (Compact Disc) and DVD (Digital Video Disc) format that allows you to treat a re-writable CD like a hard disk, replacing files and gradually adding to the disc. You can’t play UDF discs in audio CD players. You can’t read them on older OSes (Operating Systems). For write-once discs, or broad compatibility, you should use one of the older disc-at-once formats, such as ISO (International Standards Organisation) 9660. For discs you will only be using yourself, UDF is more convenient. CDs (Compact Discs) can be either ISO-9660 or UDF format. UDF packs more data onto a CD. Windows Live File System usen UDF to allow you to incrementally add files to a CD/DVD (Compact Disc/Digital Video Disc) write that writing the whole disk at once.

DVDs (Digital Video Discs) are UDF format. UDF comes in many versions 1.0, 1.02, 1.5, 2.0, to 2.01. Not all players support all versions, so for compatibility, you often deliberately use an old version.

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Wikipedia on UDF: Universal Disk Format

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