LightScribe : Computer Hardware Buyers’ Glossary

I have left this tombstone entry for historical interest.

LightScribe DVD  LightScribe
Was a combination of a special DVD (Digital Video Disc) burner, special DVD or CD (Compact Disc) blank discs and free software that allow you to etch black and white photographs or images on the back of DVDs (Digital Video Discs) to label them. You flip the DVD over and the laser etches the design in the special light sensitive coating. You can get them in a number of different background colours.

multidirectional CD Label If you are labeling a set of CDs, particularly a set of audio CDs, label them so you can read the disc number no matter how the CD is oriented, like the CD on the left. Lightscribe cannot do red, just shades of grey.

What can you do instead? Get an inkjet printer with a device to hold CD/DVDs (Compact Disc/Digital Video Discs) to print on them in full colour. You need special printable blanks.

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