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To extract music from audio CD (Compact Disc) s, downloadable MP3 sites and compose new traditional audio CDs (Compact Discs) or MP3 CDs or iPod downloads. I suspect the etymology comes from rip-off, to steal, since much of this activity is illegal. To burn means to write such content back onto a new CD or DVD (Digital Video Disc).

To copy an audio CD, you first rip it then burn it.

Some of the legitimate reasons for ripping/burning are:

With Windows Media player, here is how you would copy an audio CD.
  1. Place the original CD in your computer CD Player.
  2. Click rip to copy the entire disc to your hard disk. It will read about 50 times faster than it would take to play on your stereo.
  3. Select whether you want to create an audio CD (one you can play in your stereo CD player), or a data CD/DVD (Compact Disc/Digital Video Disc) (holds more songs, to play on a computer or upload to an MP3 player).
  4. Select the tracks you want to burn by dragging to the burn list on the right.
  5. Insert a blank CD in the drive. Don’t format it!
  6. Click burn, (in the bottom right corner of the screen.) It will write about 16 times faster than it would take to play on your stereo.
  7. Optionally use LightScribe to label the CD and apply decoration.

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