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To put Opera’s logo on your web page, you don’t need any particular permission. You can get the logos from their website.
To put Microsoft’s Internet Explorer logo on your web page, see their Logo Requirements.

Here a typical display offering to download the latest browser software:

This web page requires one of the following up-to-date browsers:
Click the corresponding browser icon to download the latest free browser software, or click the browser name for more information.
FirefoxFirefox46.0.1with the Java 1.8.0_92 JRE (Java Runtime Environment). Suppoorts Java Applets. Most widely supported next to IE. Many add-ins. Very fast rendering. Weak on table rendering. Best for printing. Fairly slow to start up. Often stalls on first page from a new site. Must hit reload. 9% market share.
SeaMonkeySeaMonkey2.40with the Java 1.8.0_92 JRE. Similar to Firefox, with integrated Email. Supports Java Applets.
IE11IE1111.0.9600.17501with the Java 1.8.0_92 JRE. Now works with Java Applets. Some websites will work with no other browser, though many work on everything but this eccentric browser. 10% market share.
SafariSafari5.1.7with the Java 1.8.0_92 JRE. For both Macs and PCs. Cannot get it to run Java Applets Some rendering problems. Simple and stripped down. 12% market share.
AvantAvant2016:5with the Java 1.8.0_92 JRE. It is a fast browser, especially at starting up. Has problems with JavaScript. Excellent at rendering and printing tables. It uses the Firefox or Chrome rendering engine. Handles Applets, but has trouble with Java Web Start.
OperaOpera37.0.2178.32with the Java 1.8.0_92 JRE. It no longer its own rendering engine, which was its main advantage. It uses Chrome. It no longer supports Java Applets.No longer lets you configure your own editor. No bookmarks. Implements SPDY for faster communication. In Turbo mode, caches pages in encrypted compressed form. 6% market share.
Google ChromeGoogle Chrome40.0.2214.91with the Java 1.8.0_92 JRE. Dropped support for Java Applets. Good for YouTube. Frequently automatically updated. Has no edit source button. Slow starting when it fiddles with a proxy. Displays CurrCon prices correctly. Poor downloading — it hides the fact it is doing so in the bottom left corner. Often downloads without you asking. Handles foreign language sites particularly well since it integrates with Google Translate. Best for interacting with Google. BrowserMark rates this as the fastest browser. Good for ecommerce. Can’t print white writing on a black background. 53% market share.
EdgeEdge25.10586.0.0with the Java 1.8.0_92 JRE. Stripped down browser without features, Java support or plug-in support.
Get JavaOracle’s Java1.8.0_92JRE

old style java coffecup logo   new style style java coffecup logo

You may not use either of Oracle’s Java coffee cup logos, either the old style or the new orange style on your own projects or site. Sun reserve them for their exclusive use. There is a copy of the orange logo in C:\Program Files\java\jre1.8.0_92\\lib\resources.jar called JavaCup32.png but you may not use it in your applications.

jump to java  Get Java  Get Java Powered

Sun has 22 logos for customer use. Most require that your program pass a test suite. The Jump To Java logo, the Get Java logo and the Get Java Powered logo merely require that you use Java on your website. You still must get permission first though.


However, you may use Duke and variations freely without permission.

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