Jim Inhofe

Jim Inhofe (1934-11-17 age:83) Republican senator from Oklahoma is a paid shill for big oil. He is anti-women’s rights, anti-labor, anti-internet freedom, anti-GLBTQ rights, anti-universal-health care, anti-gun control, anti-immigration reform, pro-fracking, pro-war and anti-environment. He believes, as a Christian, separation of Church and state does not apply to him and he has a right to force his peculiar version of Christianity down others’ throats. But worst of all, he is a prominent climate change denier. He does not care if he takes the planet down with him, so long as he is rich for his few remaining years. Oddly, on 2013-07-11 Google hosted a $250…$2500 per plate fundraiser for him. Google’s motto is Don’t Be Evil, which apparently is just deceptive PR (Public Relations). What might you do in response?
  1. Sign the or use the Forecast the Facts Petition to protest Google’s action.
  2. Temporarily disable all Google ads on your website as I have done.
  3. Temporarily use a different search engine from Google.
  4. Donate to the Oklahoma Democratic Party to help defeat Inhofe.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)