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Abortion Quotes
Abortion Quotes by Roedy
Animal Rights Quotes
Animal Rights Quotes by Roedy
Anti-war Quotes
Ascension Gateway Gandhi quotes
Bible Quotes won’t let you copy/paste
Bushisms: Quotations from George W. Bush, mostly idiotic
Canadian Politics Quotes
Canadian Politics Quotes by Roedy
Christian Quotes
Christmas Quotes
Computer Programming Quotes
Computer Programming Quotes by Roedy
Creationism Quotes
Creationism Quotes by Roedy
Environment Quotes
Environment Quotes by Roedy
Euthanasia Quotes
Euthanasia Quotes by Roedy
Evolution/creationism Quotes
Evolution/creationism Quotes by Roedy
Gandhi Quotations (classified)
Gandhi Quotes
Gay Marriage
Godless Quotes
Guns Quotes
Harper Quotes
Health Care Quotes
Homophobia Quotes
Islam Quotes
Israel Quotes
Israel Quotes by Roedy
Living Love Proverbs
Living Love Quotes
Miscellaneous Quotes
Miscellaneous Quotes by Roedy
Money Quotes
Money Quotes by Roedy
Musings from Roedy Green
Napoléon Bonaparte Quotations
Notable Quotes: good for showing sources
Patriotism Quotes
Patriotism Quotes by Roedy
Politics Quotes
Politics Quotes by Roedy
Programming Quotes
Programming Quotes by Roedy
Raincoast Proverbs
Religion Quotes
Religion Quotes by Roedy
Separation of church and state
Sexuality and Homosexuality Quotes
Sexuality and Homosexuality Quotes by Roedy
Things I wish I had learned when I was younger
Trump: about Donald J. Trump
War Quotes
War Quotes by Roedy

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