Raincoast Proverbs

The Crab Thrower

The waves washed crabs up onto the beach where they perished in the hot sun. A black boy ran along the beach picking up the crabs, tossing them back into the water. A man said, Why do you bother? There are millions of crabs. You can barely make a dint. The boy replied It matters to this crab! as he tossed yet another.

Eternal Punishment

Those who wear hair shirts are punished in the afterlife by being told it was all for naught.

Dolphin Proverb

You have to catch your own fish.


Faith is a verb.


You can’t please everybody. Even God disappoints somebody. Some people pray for sunshine, some for rain.


No one can pressure you without your permission.


If you ask for help, what will everyone think? — that you are just like everyone else.


Why won’t anyone help? Perhaps you could try asking.


It is OK to remind people of their promises they have not yet kept.


I prayed for strength. A Bowflex machine arrived by Fedex, COD.


Everyone helps answer my prayers.

Mother Theresa

A man once said to Mother Theresa, Mother, why do you bother? What you do is only a drop in the bucket compared to what is really needed Mother T. replied, Without my drop there could be no bucket.

Definition of Insanity

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
~ Rita Mae Brown (1944-11-28 age:73) in Sudden Death often misattributed to Benjamin Franklin.

Persistence is great, but you must persist with something that works.


Before you speak, ask: Before you hold silent, ask:


When in doubt, trust.


I have not lost my mind;
I just misplaced it.

Being Useful

Even the master craftsman’s favourite hammer spends most of its time recovering from blows or waiting on the bench.


When somebody shares, everybody benefits.


Make something beautiful for God.
Mother Theresa


When playing chess, sacrifice is not always the best move.


When a big hammer does not work, try a smaller one.


When shouting does not work, try whispering.

Joyce’s Observation

God’s will for me is usually at the end of my nose.
Joyce Cousins

Jimmy’s Observation

Even if you are an angel, in a bright light, you will still have a shadow side.
James Loewen

Spider’s Observation

Shared pain is reduced; shared joy is multiplied.
Spider Robinson


To leaves, a celebration of rain is a day of rest.

To donkeys, a donkey is anything that invites him to mount.

To an earthworm, the purpose of humans is to produce dung.

To a mushroom, bullshitting is cool.

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