introduction : Gay & Black Glossary


He who controls vocabulary controls thought.
~ Luigi Wittgenstein (1889-05-26 1951-04-30 age:61)

Indroduction to the Gay & Black Glossary

This document defines terms you might find in personal ads by or for gay and/or black people. I give you more than definitions. I attempt to tell you the connotations of the words and a little extra practical information about them. Be warned, I like to editorialise.

Because this language is so inventive, this glossary is always out of date. Please submit, errors, words to define or better still words with definitions to email feedback to Roedy Green or Canadian Mind Products. Please also suggest additional definitions for words listed and the connotative differences between synonyms.

Some of the entries are full essays in themselves, such as condoms, hanky, HIV+, safe sex, personals and Viagra.


Much of the vocabulary came from studying ads at Nubian (now defunct). Charles S. of Seattle and I watched the movie Boyz In the Hood Together. He clued me in to much of slang in the movie. Dickers (aka Ranger Rik) also provided some terms. Chris Bergstresser clarified onanism and provided rent boy.

If you make a submission and would not mind credit here, please let me know.

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