hanky : Gay & Black Glossary


by wearing different colours of hanky in either the left or rear hip pocket, a guy can tell others what sorts of sexual activities he enjoys. It is not used as much as it was.

Gay Hanky Codes

Hanky codes are not used as much as they were in the free-wheeling 70s. However, you still will come across them every once in while. Most of these you would never see. I have included them for completeness. You might see a variant of these in earrings, but don’t read too much into it.

Left Pocket Colour Right Pocket
69’er Robin’s Egg Blue 69’er
Wants Head Light Blue Expert Cocksucker
Cop Medium Blue Cop Sucker
likes receiving enemas blue denim likes giving enemas
Fucker Navy Blue Fuckee
Cock & Ball Torture Teal Blue Torturee
Meal Ticket Lime Green Hungry Man
Hustler Kelly Green John
Uniform Top Olive Drab Uniform Bottom
Daddy Hunter Green  Looking for a Dad
Rimee Beige Rimmer
Spits Pale Yellow Drool Crazy
2 Looking for 1 Gold 1 Looking for 2
Pisser Yellow Piss Pig
Has 8’ or More Mustard Size Queen
Tons O’ Fun Apricot Chubby Chaser
Anything Anytime Orange Not tonight
Likes to have his toes sucked Coral Shrimp Lover
Dildo Fucker Light Pink Dildo Fuckee
Tit Torturer Dark Pink Tit Torturee
Fist Fucker Red Fist Fuckee
Spanker Fuscia Spankee
Likes to have his arm pits sucked Magenta Armpit Freak
Piercer Purple Piercee
Likes Drag Lavender Drag Queen
Likes Navel Worship Mauve Navel Fetish
CowBoy Rust His Horse
Scat Top Brown Scat Bottom
Has Uncut Brown Lace Loves Uncut
Circumcised Brown Satin Likes Circumcised
Left Pocket  Colour  Right Pocket 
Heavy S&M (Sadism & Masochism) Top Black Heavy S&M Bottom
Latex Top Charcoal Latex Bottom
Owns A Suit Gray Flannel Likes men in suits
Bondage Top Gray Bondage Bottom
Likes others to masturbate him White Likes to masturbate others
Comes into ?? Cream Sucks it Out
Likes Muscled Bottoms Gold Lamé Muscular Bottom
Has Tattoos Leopard Likes Tattooed Men
Smokes Cigars Tan Likes Cigar Smokers
Cuddler Teddy Bear Cuddlee
Chicken Kewpie Doll Chicken Hawk
Wears them Dirty Jock Strap Sucks Them Clean
Gives Motor oil Massage Handy-Wipe Wears it Well
Rides A Motorcycle Chamois Likes Bikers
Bartender Cocktail Napkins Lush
Tea Room Top Doily Tea Room Bottom
Outdoor Sex Top Mosquito Netting Outdoor Sex Bottom
Shaver Red & White Stripes Shavee
Likes Black Bottoms Black & White Stripes Likes Black tops
Likes Latin Bottoms Brown & White Stripes Likes Latin Tops
Likes Asian Bottoms Yellow & White Stripes Likes Asian Tops
Likes White Bottoms White Lace Likes White Tops
Safer Sex Top Black & White Checks Safer Sex Bottom

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