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Classified ads work well to meet guys who are your type and who consider you their type.


Classified ads in the newspapers work very well, but only if you include your phone number. The catch is people will call at all hours of the day and night. If you honestly describe yourself, nearly all the callers will be quite happy with you. Those who would reject you on age, build etc. don’t call. Even if you describe the sort of guy you are looking for, many people who don’t fit that description at all will still call, hoping against hope. Some will lie outrageously. You will get many no shows. You have to take the bad with the good. On the other hand, you will meet some guys far cuter than you would dream of meeting through cruising. The most powerful classified ad draw is the hot-oil massage.

You can place personal ads on the web for free in many places. These ads work very well to find compatible people; the catch is they usually live quite far away.

Gay Personal Ads On the Web

Out Personals outpersonals free gayfriendfinder free for friends, not getting laid. friendfinder free At first looks like straight service, but handles gay too. free BDSM and fetish-oriented.
Gay Universe logo You can post ads free and post public comments to adds free. Many subboards organised by city and interest. No ability to send email to the poster.
Alternative Connections logo You can post ads and photos free and use the detailed search engine. Pay to respond to ads. Pay to have new matching ads emailed to you. Ads and photos are censored to be suitable for family viewing. Though they have no posted editorial policy about it, ads are censored to remove email addresses, phone numbers or URLs (Uniform Resource Locators).
Think Gay logo You can post ads free. Respond directly to emails in the ads free.  
Squirt logo Free to post, browse and answer ads. Very sexually oriented, however, the ads work better than any other service. It even helped me recontact an old flame. Pornographic animated ad gifs make it hard to type responses because they take up so much CPU (Central Processing Unit) time. Anonymous email supported.

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