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A person who believes there is an invisible old man in the clouds who watches believers masturbate. The main way to placate this pareidoliac pervert is to persecute homosexuals.
Anyone who thinks he can be both gay and Christian should read up on the Stockholm syndrome.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)
A Christian does not believe there really is any such thing as a homosexual, just someone who pretends to be in order to annoy Christians and their undetectable god. The Christian considers homosexuality an affectation similar to wearing an uncomfortable nose ring purely to annoy one’s parents. The Christian sees himself as in loco parentis to all homosexuals, appointed guardian of their moral upbringing, even homosexuals many years his senior. His prime rôle is that of censor of their reading and viewing materials.

Here is the way, I, a male homosexual, see it. I can intellectually understand why male hippos find female hippos attractive, but I don’t feel it in the least. If someone were to insist I have sex with a female hippo, or marry one, I would resent it strongly and would strenuously resist. I feel the same way about Christians trying to push me into having sex with human females.

Similarly I get quite annoyed at people trying to force unnatural attractions on others, e.g. to force two female hippos to mate, or to prevent a male or female human from courting the person (of either sex) they feel most attracted to. How would Christian like it we gays insisted they confine their attentions to hippos? or people of the same sex? What possible concern is it of theirs who pairs up with whom? I don’t interfere in their selection mates/sex partners, so they ought to bugger out of mine! Nobody is demanding they watch a bedroom performance. They pompously imagine they are medieval patriarchs with the right to arrange the marriages of everyone else in the group. I could smack them silly when they put on airs like that. They have no more right to arrange my marriage than I have to arrange theirs.

Male Christians claim they can’t possibly fathom or forgive my attraction to Brad Pitt, but they claim they have no problem when females, who are far more unfathomable that a fellow male, do. That does not compute, but then almost nothing Christians say does.

The male Christian refuses to acknowledge that he expresses more excitement and joy over his favourite male sports star than he does over any female. Yet he persists in calling my attraction unnatural.

Every day, we gays see the carnage Christians have caused with their hatred of us. Their collective abuse drives some gays to suicide. Christians try to break our marriages, drive us from our jobs, kick us out of our homes and stop us from visiting our dying spouses and friends in hospital. They try to stop us from ever having sex with the people we are attracted to. They try to force us to have sex with people of the oppsite sex we find repulsive. They incide people to stone us to death and beat us up. They never explain what harm we gays did to them to justify this mistreatment. They just hate for the sake of hate. The Bible is just an excuse. There are thousands of other biblical scapegoats they could have picked it equally condemns.

Yet I have never once heard a gay person call for persecuting Christians in retaliation. It would be absolutely unthinkable for a gang of gays to go beat up some Christians, even ones known to be gay bashers.

They never give us credit for that. We gays follow the teachings of Jesus far more closely than the nominal Christians do.

In summary, Christians are the arch enemies of gays. They kill us, urge others to kill us, violate freedom of religion to get governments to enforce their barbaric superstitions on us. They lie about us. They work tirelessly to deny us civil rights. They work to kill us by blocking sex education and access to HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus) drugs. 90% of the problems gays have come from Christian persecution. They have declared war on us. I think it only fair to do whatever it takes to wipe that filthy religion from the face of the earth.

According to Revelation 14:3-4, Everyone goes to hell except 140,000 males who have never been with women, presumably all children or homosexuals. Not only are heterosexuals unwelcome, they would find heaven unbearable. Could it be the Christian persecution of gays is motivated by envy
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)

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