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homosexual agenda
Anti-gay bigots (usually Republicans or Christians) hint darkly about the homosexual agenda as if it were some plan to put a secret drug in the water supply to turn everyone gay. The homosexual agenda is simply equal rights, in particular:
    1. Freedom from violence usually called  gay bashing. Many so called Christians believe Leviticus gives them the moral and even legal duty to kill gay people, just for being gay. They fail to notice  Leviticus tells them to kill just about everyone else too including those who eat lobsters.
    2. We don’t want to be thrown out of our apartments and homes just for being gay.
    3. We don’t want to lose our jobs for being gay.
    4. We want full equality before the law. There should be no laws that treat gays differently. We should have the same laws that straights have concerning age of consent, sexual harassment, sex outdoors, marriage, adoption, custody… everything. We are tired as being treated as second class citizens.
    5. We want the legal rights of civil marriage. We want it called the same thing straight people call it, be it marriage or civil union. Every black knows that separate but equal means some people are more equal than others. If churches want to be bigoted, that is their business, but the state should not discriminate. Religious bigots want to punish us by denying our partnerships the same rights straight couples have namely: legal recognition, the right to visit the partner in hospital despite what the family says, right to attend a partner’s funeral no matter what the family says, default inheritance, default child custody in the event of death of a spouse, right to spousal benefits such as pensions and medical care that gays currently have to pay for, but are not allowed to collect and the requirement for divorce to dissolve the union.
    6. We want to be able to serve in the military (though I personally think no one should until the illegal wars are terminated).
    7. We gays want to be treated equally with everyone else. We want straights to give up any special privilege they are unwilling to give to gays too. We gays don’t want any special rights, only what everyone else gets. We are sick and tired of being treated as second class citizens.

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