100 Huntley Street : Gay & Black Glossary


100 Huntley Street
100 Huntley street is a Christian evangelical TV program hosted by David Mainse that has been running for a great many years. They now affiliate themselves with similar criminal organisations. They are collectively known as crossroads.ca. As a nominal religion, their normally criminal activities swindling the naïve out of their cash are protected by law. Normally fraud is illegal, namely telling people lies to persuade them to hand over substantial quantities of cash, promising rewards that are not delivered.

They put on what at first glance appears to be a national news program. It is actually anti-gay propaganda that tries to get their listeners to lobby for increased persecution of homosexuals. This is nothing new. They have been going it for decades. They are simply getting better at hiding their hate propaganda as objective news. Their predecessors fought similarly to suppress the rights of black people. I thought it might be fun to formulate some of the things the fundamentalists are saying now about gays in terms of blacks, rather than gays:

  1. blacks must be suppressed. It would be terrible for our children if they ever found out blacks existed. There must be no sign of their existence anywhere children might see them. The children might turn black, or horrors, learn to dance. The godless Atheists even want us to teach children in school it is illegal to light them on fire! How can they grow up to be decent Christians if we fill their heads with such godless notions?
  2. blacks must be suppressed. Otherwise we would not have the right to proclaim we are superior to them. We would be forced to admit our equality. If we ever told the truth of our superiority, we would be put in jail for a hate crime.
  3. It isn’t natural for blacks to marry. Everyone knows they are promiscuous. None of them would take advantage of it anyway if we, their betters, permitted them to.
  4. God wants use to punish the blacks and enslave them. Meddling fools interfered with our right to enslave them, so at least we should be allowed to make them second class citizens.
  5. I don’t want my daughter to marry a black man. Therefore we must make marriage between blacks illegal.
  6. God will punish us with hurricanes, droughts, floods (and all terrible things the global warming people godlessly predict) if we are not sufficiently cruel to blacks.
  7. Black people can’t have white babies. They are therefore useless and there is no point in their getting married. Everyone knows every act of sex results in a baby and that is the sole purpose both of sex and marriage. How else can we get new members for our church? (No one in their right mind would join it.)
  8. Here is a news item about a black person who committed a crime in New York City. That’s the way those people are. We should have every right to exclude them from our restaurants, businesses and neighbourhoods.

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