homosexual : Gay & Black Glossary


Preferring sex with people of the same gender. In Greek homo means same. In Latin it means man. The derivation is from Greek. Therefore you can also refer to lesbians as homosexual. Whether you have sex or not, you are still homosexual if you prefer the same sex. The term active homosexual is sometimes used for a homosexual person who is having sex. This is a somewhat derogatory term.

There is a subtle pronunciation difference. If you pronounce it with equal emphasis on each syllable, with unusually clear enunciation e.g. ho´-mo´-sex´-u-al it conjures up southern redneck attitudes, pronouncing the word as if for the first time, to suggest emotional distance from it. If you want to pronounce it with the connotation of no big deal acceptance say ho´-mo-sex´-ual, slurring slightly.

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