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Heterosexual. Newly coming out people often misuse the word in their ads to mean masculine-acting or closeted. This makes them look foolish since they are obviously not heterosexual. Some may even take offence, since it implies there is something wrong with people who are obviously gay. They probably should use a word like masculine or discreet.

Straight people are somewhat revolting in how open they are about their sexual orientation. They talk about it enlessly without shame. They engage in sexual foreplay and sometimes even sex, in public. Every movie has an embarrassing, obligatory, extended, heterosexual intercourse scene stuck in an otherwise interesting plot. Having a straight friend is a bit like having a friend with a sexual interest in cows and who won’t shut up about it. His strange desire is baffling. What can he possibly see in a cow/female human as sex partner? Yes, they have warm bodies with slippery orifices, but… really!

It burns me up the way straights accuse us gays of hypersexuality, when its they who are the ones who have steeped the entire culture in heterosexual porn. Nearly every plot to every drama involves heterosexuality. It is so pervasive, straights can’t see how obsessed they are with it.

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