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A device that puts ink on paper. There are seven main types, with the most common at the top:
  1. ink-jet
  2. laser
  3. colour laser
  4. dot matrix
  5. Risograph
  6. colour wax
  7. daisy wheel

For details see entries under each type. Pretty much, all have disappeared except ink-jets and lasers.

Printer Margins

Only the most expensive printers can do a full bleed — print right to the edges of the paper. Most printers need side margins to allow a place to pull the paper that will not be coated in wet ink. For example, the HP (Hewlett Packard) LaserJet 1200 can print with a 0.35" margin on the left, a 0.25" margin on the right and 0.15" on the bottom. The Canon MP 210 inkjet gets even closer to the edges with 0.3" margins on the sides and 0.1" margins on top and bottom.

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