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Risograph printers are for high volume work, when you want 30 to 20,000 copies of each page. They work by melting wax to form a silkscreen master that is then used much like an offset press plate to crank out the copies faster than a page a second. The silk screen masters cost about $.50 each, so this printer is not suitable when you need less than 30 copies of each page. It can print in various colours of ink. By doing several passes you can get multiple spot colours. The masters come in a roll, so the printer can do a multipage run unattended. After printing, you need to collate the copies. Risograph printers use very little power since no heat is used and the printing process requires no toxic solvents. The print quality is only about 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch), but not as crisp a laser.

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