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The box that sits on your desktop that display the picture that looks something like a TV. Monitor manufacturers usually lie about the size of the image. You will often find a screen advertised as 38.10 cm (1¼ ft) has a picture closer to 33.02 cm (13 in) on the diagonal. A 53.34 cm (1¾ ft) monitor has twice the display area of a 38.10 cm (1¼ ft) monitor. Lots of screen real estate makes it easy to keep many windows at a time open on the screen. Unfortunately 21 inch monitors are considerably more expensive. For serious use, consider at least a 38.10 cm (1¼ ft) or 43.18 cm (1.42 ft) monitor. See this article on monitors and flat screen LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors or to understand the technology better.

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) display give a brighter picture with wider viewing angle. Plasma displays give a brighter picture with deeper contrasts, more commonly seen in TVs.

Trust your eyes not the specs. They are the ones that have to be happy with the image. It should not flicker or distort. It should be sharp and clear.

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