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LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Laptops use a flat panel screen that works much like the display on a digital watch. The problems with LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displaies) are washout if there is high ambient light and viewing angle. Sometimes you have to look at the screen from just the right angle to see the display. Technology is gradually solving these problems, but it still has a way to go to match the brightness of the old CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) technology or the expensive gas plasma technology. It won’t be too much longer till you can panel your desk with LCDs to form a giant wrap-around screen or wear a headset that gives the same effect. High end users get the effect with three monitors on their desk and a video card to make them behave like on giant screen. Other than much lower power consumption, the other big advantage of LCDs over CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes) is lack of flicker. This lets you read much faster. Flicker distracts the eye and causes it to unconsciously dart about looking for predators. CRTs are pretty much gone now.

Make sure you adjust the monitor placement so your eye stares straight into the center of the screen and the up-down and left-right tilt is adjusted so the screen is perfectly perpendicular to your line of sight. If it is off, the colours will not be correct and the screen will not be as bright or clear as it could be.


LCD monitors come in old analog and new digital style. Some support both with two connectors, a VGA (Video Graphics Adapter) and a DVI-D (Digital Video Interface — Data) or rarely with an integrated DVI-I (Digital Video Interface — Integrated) connector. Analog is supported with the old VGA connector or an integrated DVI-I connector. Digital monitors are supported with a digital-only DVI-D connector or an integrated DVI-I connector. Make sure your computer and monitor match.
analog VGA
analog VGA
digital DVI-D
digital DVI-D
integrated DVI-I
integrated DVI-I

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