CRT : Computer Hardware Buyers’ Glossary


CRT (Cathode Ray Tube). On a desk top computer, the CRT is the screen. Laptops use LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panels instead. Other than much lower power consumption, the other big advantage of LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displaies) over CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes) is lack of flicker. This lets you read much faster. Flicker distracts the eye and causes it to unconsciously dart about looking for predators. CRTs work with an electron beam that sweeps back and forth top to bottom 60 to 75 times a second painting the image on the phosphors of the screen with a varying intensity electron beam. I When you install your video card and monitor, adjust to 72 Hz (Hertz) or higher, whatever your monitor supports. 60 Hz will give you a headache. Further you might get beat effects from the interference from fluorescent lights which turn on and off 60 times a second.

Dot pitch measures the distance between the tiny coloured phosphor dots on the screen. A typical monitor may put them about 0.231 mm apart. The small the number the better.

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