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Canadian Mind Products Icons Legend
Icon Appearance Meaning
Navigation Icons
find find find/search
red moose red moose contacting Canadian Mind Products née Consolidated Moose Pasture
CMP home home Go to the mindprod.com home page.
previous page left arrow Go to the previous page.
up up arrow Go one higher up in the hierarchy, closer to the home page.
next page right arrow Go to the next page, one higher up in the hierarchy, closer to the home page.
next page right arrow Go to the next page in a set of closely related pages. At the bottom left of the page when available.
Google +1 Google +1 Click this to tell Google you think this page is particularly useful. Rank it higher in the Google search engine.
Google Search this topic Google search logo Search the entire web with Google for the topic of the current page.
zoom magnifying glass with + Zoom, change magnification.
to bottom down arrow Jump to the bottom of the page
to top up arrow Jump to the top of the page
see also chasing arrows Links to related material.
ascending green triangle Bullet for a list of items in ascending order.
descending red triangle Bullet for a list of items in descending order.
rainbow ball rainbow ball gay
red ball red ball list of instructions
advantage green ball with + an advantage
disadvantage red ball with - a disadvantage
tip small leaf a tip
Glossary Index Embellishments
awt A Link to documentation about an AWT (Advanced Windowing Toolkit) component.
swing tire swing Link to documentation about a Swing component.
elephant elephant A very large web page. It will take some time to load.
essay link pencil a major essay.
Java Applet coffee bean Java needed to view this page.
listing listing Link to a colourised program source code listing that is so big it needs Java to display it.
collection grey butterfly Link to documentation about a Collection class.
strawberry strawberry Recommended.
onion onion Something that stinks.
see small
chasing arrows
In an index, indicates an empty cross-referencing entry that points to the real entry. Also indicates the main redirect link to the main body of the discussion. These should be fairly rare since I use now use a more efficient cross referencing mechanism.
euro Euro CurrCon Java Applet used to display prices in international currencies on this page.
tombstone Up-turned turtle This company has gone out of business or this technology is no longer available.
brontosaurus brontosaurus Warns you this technology is obsolete, but is still available if you look hard.
Types of Hyperlink
onpage link green
Link to something on the same page.
ssl shl link to a secure https page.
affiliate rose Advertisement or affiliate. A company that pays me a commission if you buy something (or sometimes just click through) to their site. The Google ads also pay for click throughs. Google ads, Amazon and Out in particularly pay the ISP (Internet Service Provider) bills. Without them I could not afford the expensive hobby of hosting this website.
buy shopping cart Link to buy something online.
bgloss computer monitor link to something in the bgloss buyers’ glossary
ggloss rainbow butterfly link to something in the ggloss gay and black glossary
jgloss coffee bean link to something in the jgloss Java glossary
project watering can link to a student project
Blogger blogger B link to a blog.
applet green triangle link to where you can run an Applet.
hybrid ear of corn link to where you can run a hybrid Applet/application.
java web start jumping/flying
coffee bean
link to a where you can launch a Java Web Start app
Canada middle green maple leaf link to an essay about Canada on this website
Canada middle Canadian flag link to a Canadian website
politics map of USA link to an essay about politics, mostly US politics
listing listing link to browse a source listing
manual wrench link to browse a detailed manual
pad green
connectivity star
link to ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals) PAD (Portable Application Description) XML (extensible Markup Language) program description
screenshot FastStone
red and green
triangle logo
link to a screenshot prepared with FastStone capture.
middle orange
Greek sigma
Link to a text summary precis of a program. In math, the sigma symbol means add up a list of things, effectively compacting their information into one number.
middle tortoise Link to a to a Subversion source code repository usually using Tortoise Subversion client.
middle compression clamp link to download a zip archive file.
see also chasing arrows Links to related material.
detail microscope Link to get more detail about a product.
offsite link cyan
Wiki arrow
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)link to something outside the mindprod.com website, e.g. .travel, numeric IP…
Wikipedia link Wiki flower HTTPlink to the Wikipedia website.
ftp link brown
Wiki arrow
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)link to something outside the mindprod.com website.
pdf link Acrobat logo Link to Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) document outside the mindprod.com website.
com link blue
Wiki arrow
Link to a .com commercial website
org link hive Link to a .org website
gov link Parthenon Link to a .gov government website
edu link mortar board Link to a .edu educational institution
mil link tank Link to a .mil (military) website
int link blue
world grid
Link to a .int (international) website
name link family tree Link to a .name website.
net link brown
world grid
Link to a .net website
biz link green
conference table
Link to a .biz business website
info link blue
circle with i
Link to a .info website
tv link television
with vertical
hold problems
Link to a .tv website, rarely Tuvalu, usually just means something associated with television
ws link four squares Link to a .ws website, rarely Western Samoa, usually just means website
middle yellow star view newsgroup via Google Groups.
middle orange star view newsgroup via a conventional newsreader.
essay link pencil Link to a major essay.
Apple apple Link to Apple website
JavaNet link dwarf gourami Link to JavaNet. Red and blue South east Asian fresh water fish.
Google Code link blue house Link to Google Code
Amazon Amazon A Link to Amazon.com website
Apache link feather Link to Apache
Oracle Oracle O Link to Oracle website
Sourceforge link sledge hammer Link to Sourceforge.net
W3C W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Link to W3C website
ladybug lady bug Link to a bug report, usually at Sun.
help help button Button to get help if something does not work.
more info more info button Button to get a description of what a product does.
more detail yellow plus button Button to get more information.
Adjudicating Icons
strawberry strawberry Something I love or recommend.
raspberry raspberry Bronx cheer. Warning of a fault or gotcha.
green plus green plus advantage
red minus red minus disadvantage
onion onion Very bad product to be avoided. The term onion came originally from Jerry Pournelle.
orchid orchid Very good product. Highly recommended. The term orchid came originally from Jerry Pournelle.
purple snail snail slow
rat rat Something dishonest or crooked.
Note Bene
explanation mark red push pin something important
gotcha curve ahead a gotcha. Something that behaves quite differently than you would expect.
  sprout, new leaf Something new.
tip fresh green leaf a coding tip.
caution red triangle road caution sign caution
nutshell nutshell Concise summary.
flame flame something controversial. Strong opinions.
Sun Sun Something from Sun Microsystems, the creators of Java.
improvement idea light bulb Idea how to improve something.
broken link broken link A link I know to be broken for which I have no replacement. If you know of one, please let me know.
State Indicators
yes green check mark Means yes, correct or true. Used in comparison charts.
no red X Means no, incorrect or false. Used in comparison charts.
unknown amber ? Means unknown, information not available. Used in comparison charts.
mandatory blue ! Means mandatory, information you must provide.
optional bell Means optional, (bells and whistles).
dollar sign dollar sign Something you need to pay for.
PayPal logo PayPal Vendor who accepts paypal.
blue dolphin blue dolphin Something free you don’t have to pay for.
snowflake snowflake website URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
mailbox mailbox postal mailing address
telephone phone telephone number, phone list
fax fax fax number
ID card ID card vCard
certificate certificate public Java code-signing certificate
lock lock public PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption keys
Section Icons
coffee cup coffee cup Java glossary
computer computer Computer Buyers’ Glossary
rainbow butterfly rainbow butterfly gay glossary
learning more Sun Learning more. Links to Sun website documentation and tutorials.
books books descriptions of books and where you can buy them.
under the hood under the hood how something works inside.
download blue down arrow Downloads information.
ring binder ring binder journal
quote quote introduces a quotation. There is no corresponding close quote icon.
bible bible something in the bible
atheist atheist A quotation by an atheist
evolutionist evolution stages quotation by an evolutionist
Jesus fish Jesus fish quotation by an ardent Christian
fig leaf fig leaf quotation by a Christian fundamentalist whacko
Zionist Star of David quotation by a Zionist on matters concerning Israel. It is not used for people who are merely Jewish.
batty bat quotation by a batty person — some who usually expresses batty, absurd, paranoid or blood thirsty ideas, i.e. someone whose ideas I do not endorse even though I quote them.
Democrat blue Democrat donkey Means Democrat. Used in tables.
Republican red Republican elephant Means Republican. Used in tables.
Commissioned Icons
JDK JDK (Java Development Kit) Java Development Kit
JRE JRE (Java Runtime Environment) Java Runtime Environment
blue whale blue whale animal rights
Swing tire swing Swing GUI (Graphic User Interface) components
woodpecker woodpecker
If builders built buildings the way programmers write programs, then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.
~ Weinberg’s Second Law (1933-10-27 age:84)

Video File Icons

Video Links Legend
streaming or downloadable
Click corresponding icon to download player.
Apple QuickTime click to watch
BitTorrent click to watch
DailyMotion click to watch
DivX click to watch
DVD click to watch
Flash animations click to watch
Google click to watch
HTML5 click to watch
Microsoft Media Player click to watch
Microsoft Power Point click to watch
mpg click to watch
mp3 click to watch
mp4 click to watch
Real Player click to watch
Shockwave click to watch
VHS tape
Vimeo online video click to watch
YouTube click to watch
unknown click to watch
lyrics click to listen
transcript click to watch

Sound File Icons

Audio Links Legend
streaming or downloadable
Click corresponding icon to download player.
Real Audio click to listen
Flash click to listen
compressed mp3 click to listen
super compressed mp4 click to listen
Microsoft Media Player click to listen
MIDI music files click to listen
uncompressed au click to listen
Microsoft uncompressed wav click to listen
unknown click to listen
lyrics click to listen
transcript click to listen

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