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The Java Ring links together websites of interest to Java programmers, not to be confused with JavaScript. Oracle defines the official Java language. If you’re not familiar with the concept of Rings, check out the or my essay on webrings.

As owner of this Ring, I make the final decision on who gets in… but hey, I’m pretty lenient! Still interested? Then follow these instructions:

The main reasons sites don’t get on the ring are:

  1. problems installing the nav bar.
  2. website still under construction.
  3. lack of a Java relevance.
  4. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) that works only on one browser.

Still interested? Then follow these instructions:

  1. Click join on the yellow Java Ring nav bar below. If for some reason you can’t see it, click addsite instead. The nav bar is the yellow bar with links to the next and previous sites on the ring. Just follow your nose.
  2. If you want more explicit help on joining, installing the nav bar, etc, see these instructions.
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