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The web browser, formerly known as Mozilla, formerly known as Netscape. Note the spelling SeaMonkey not Sea Monkey. The latest version is SeaMonkey 2.49.2 Last revised/verified: 2018-04-22. It handles web browsing, newsgroups and email in a combined suite, just like its father Mozilla. Firefox is a pure browser and Thunderbird a pure email reader.

The logo represents a brine shrimp, a tiny crustacean of the Artemia genus, sold as robust pets, sea monkeys in the 1950s also used as tropical fish food in home aquaria.

Out the box you need to:


It’s main claim to fame is its JavaScript debugger.

It offers a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. It lets you edit simple HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) tags but not CSS. It renders CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) just fine though. I would not recommend it for any serious editing. You can mess up a document pretty quickly.

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