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SafeType Vertical Keyboard

SafeType makes a vertical keyboard. Unlike most eccentric keyboards, this one is not intended to speed up your typing. In fact it will slow it down by 10% and increase your error rate by 2%. Its sole reason for existence is to eliminate carpal tunnel strain. A traditional keyboard, even an ergonomic one makes you twist your hand out of natural position in three ways:

  1. Pronation: twisting your forearms from the thumbs up position to the thumbs together position.
  2. Deviation: pulling your hands in closer together than shoulder width.
  3. Extension: lowering your wrists and elevating your fingers.

With the SafeType you don’t do any of those three potentially carpal-triggering things.

The keyboard has three pieces, a left and right vertical section each with half of a traditional QWERTY keyboard on it and a flat conventionally-mounted keyboard in the middle, with the navigation keys and the numeric keypad on it. See the photos below. Those strange flaps that look like rear view mirrors on a motorcycle are indeed mirrors, to let you see what you are doing if you hunt and peck. You can retract them if you are a pure touch typist.

SafeType keyboard in use

Keyboard Layout

Click on the small photo to see an enlargement. Some of the key legends are reversed so they will appear correctly in the mirror.

Saftetype left panel of keyboard Saftetype center panel of keyboard Saftetype right panel of keyboard



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