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I have left this tombstone entry for historical interest.
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It was bought out by Symantec who then discontinued it. Note it is one word: PartitionMagic not two: Partition Magic. A tool for partitioning hard disks into volumes, e.g. C: D: E:. It lets you create new partitions, delete partitions, grow or shrink existing ones, shuffle them around, split or merge partitions. It won’t, however, let you copy them between drives. You can do that with Norton Ghost or PowerQuest Drive Copy, or just ordinary xcopy. It lets you control which partition is the boot partition, so you ran run several different OS (Operating System) es on the same machine.

Without PartitionMagic, the partition sizes are forever fixed at the time the drive is first installed.

Starting with version 8.02 they instituted a copy protection scheme that lets you make all the copies you want, but they will only work on one machine. If you change your machine, you have to reregister your changed configuration to get it working again.

Originally PowerQuest, the makers of PartitionMagic, was a family company from Utah, but now they have been bought out by Symantec.

Now the bad news. For a tool you use only once or twice a year and that goes out of date within two years, it is ridiculously overpriced at  $70.00 USD It does not handle dynamic disks. It is does not handle Vista  Last revised/verified: 2007-04-22. There is no upgrade price for previous versions. Last revised: 2004 Verified: 2007-04-17

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