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Acronis Disk Director
A tool for partitioning hard disks into volumes, e.g. C: D: E: similar to PartitionMagic. It lets you create new partitions, delete partitions, grow or shrink existing ones, copy, split and merge them. Unlike Partition Magic, it will let you copy partitions between drives. It lets you control which partition is the boot partition. It recovers lost partitions.

Without it, the partition sizes are forever fixed at the time the drive is first installed.

It does not support Microsoft’s proprietary dynamic partitioning scheme.

It lets you interconvert various types of Linux partition but it will not interconvert FAT32 ⇔ NTFS (New Technology File System) without losing the data.

It will create a bootable CD (Compact Disc) so that you can use the program when you hard disk is not bootable. You may restore a deleted partition from the unallocated space. If your MBR (Master Boot Record) becomes corrupted, (which is usually why your disk becomes unbootable), you may boot with the Acronis Disk Director bootable CD and activate the Acronis OS (Operating System) Selector.

It is a much more friendly tool than PartitionMagic. For example you can just tell it which partition you would like to have more free space and from which partition to steal the space and it does the rest. In PartitionMagic, you must accomplish that with many small steps of shrinking, sliding and growing partitions. Acronis’ documentation covers not only the program itself but much surrounding useful lore, like how to install and configure hard disks.

The boot manager is the most user friendly I have ever seen. It is a full mouse-driven GUI (Graphic User Interface), with splashy artwork and icons, a technical marvel for something that runs without benefit of an OS. One interesting feature is the ability to temporarily hide partitions from an OS.

This program is a work of art. It is an unusual combination of high geek innards with an ultra friendly user interface. The author is a master of programming. Even the documentation is well done.

Tiny suggested improvements:

It costs  $50.00 USD .


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