Opteron : Computer Hardware Buyers’ Glossary


AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) ’s 64-bit processor to compete with Intel’s Itanium. Sun has announced 64-bit Java for it. It also runs 32-bit Pentium code. The Opteron has been more successful in the market place than the Itanium because it is cheaper and because it handles 32-bit code better and because the design was an evolution of the 32-bit Intel instruction set, rather than a completely new and complex set, like the Itanium. The Opteron runs the same AMD64 64-bit instruction set as the smaller desktop processors in the AMD line. SuSe packages a Linux for it. Oracle’s  Java version 1.5 or later supports it. Ironically it is now Intel making clones of AMD CPU (Central Processing Unit) ’s with their 64-bit Xeon CPUs (Central Processing Units). AMD ’s smaller Athlon CPUs now support the 64-bit instruction set too. It is used primarily in servers. It comes in single and dual core versions.

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