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a maker of CPU (Central Processing Unit) chips, high quality motherboards and chip sets (interface chips to help the CPU hook to other parts of the computer). Intel chips have an embedded serial number which allows software and spyware to track individual computers. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) chips don’t have them. I avoid Intel products where possible, not because of poor quality, but because Intel supports the apartheid system in Israel.

The current lineup of chips in order of increasing power includes: Celeron, Pentium, Core i3 (2 cores 4 threads), Core i5 (4 cores 4 threads), Core i7 (4 cores 8 threads), Core i7-980 extreme edition (6 cores 12 threads). The fastest clock speed is 3.3 GHz.

Most of Intel’s processors are locked. You cannot run them faster than their rated speeds. This prevents criminals selling low-rated processors as higher speed, when they are not reliable at that speed. Sometimes Intel sells unlocked processors which lets you overclock them to run them super fast, but unreliably. This is suitable for gaming but not accounting.

The new Haswell line of CPUs (Central Processing Units) for desktops and notebooks are 10% faster than before for the same clock speed. What is more important is they take less power. This means longer battery life.

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