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Verilux Heritage desk lamp  lighting
torchiere In creating a work environment, you want to arrange for good lighting. Factors to consider: Programmers tend to stay inside too much and hence don’t get enough natural sunlight. Artificial means to compensate include taking vitamin D supplements (in the form of fish oil capsules) and using a SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) light box.

I chose an Energy Star Torchiere fluorescent lamp, similar to the one depicted on the right, from Canadian Tire for  $60.00 CAD . It has in built-in electronic dimmer switch.


Look at the bulb. If it does not have a standard screw base, or a stand pair of fluorescent prongs, you will probably have a very difficult time finding a replacement bulb. Some Chinese manufacturers design a different geometry bulb with every lamp. You have the throw away the entire lamp when the bulb burns out. Ott uses a proprietary pair of prongs. It is almost impossible to remove the bulb from the lamp without damaging them both. And, of course, you have to buy the replacement only from Ott at inflated prices. All that is needed in a socket design is a pair of contacts. The old-fashioned screw base is superior to any prong scheme since the screw forces the contacts together in many places.


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