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Aeron chairIf you have any extra money when setting up your desk environment, put it into a decent office chair. It will save you much pain. You need a chair that you can adjust so that your arms are level with the keyboard. You want a chair with good lumbar support. You can use an Obusforme back pad to improve a cheaper chair. The key to comfort is to keep moving, not sit in exactly the same position all the time. The very expensive chairs let you keep fine tweaking them to give you some variety. In the boom days, corporations lured employees with exotic ergonomic chairs.

Sissel Ergo Sit

I found a very effective way to get the same effect cheaply is with a Sissel Ergo Sit a sort of flat balloon you put on the seat. You squirm slightly as you sit on it and the effect is almost miraculous in your ability to sit for long periods without backache.

Also I finds it helps to bend over backwards from time to time supported by the back of the sofa and let your back relax. This seems to iron the kinks out and makes it supple again.

Aeron Chair

The chair shown at the top is the Herman Miller Aeron chair. It is one of the most expensive and configurable chairs made. To my eye, it is a rather ugly chair, but people who own them rave about them.

The Core Chair

The Core Chair is cross between a conventional chair and an inflated ball. It has a short back. The chair lets you squirm, and still gives you support. It costs $1195.00 CAD .

I have found that chairs sold at office supply stores don’t last that long, so it is possible one of the high quality chairs will outlast three standard ones, and save your back in the process.

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