ergonomics : Computer Hardware Buyers’ Glossary


The science of designing equipment to fit the human body. Also the science of adjusting furniture and posture for optimum productivity and minimal damage to the body. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Things you can do now to save extreme pain later on in life include: getting a good chair, setting up your chair, desk, monitor, keyboard etc. to the recommented placements, using a DSK (Dvorak Standard Keyboard), using an ergononmic keyboard and lighting your workplace with good quality lighting. A keyboard without a numeric keypad or a freestanding one you can move out the way or place on the right will save you stretching your arm to reach the mouse. Such keyboards are surprisingly difficult to find. I have one, the Kinesis that has one embedded in the normal keypad. I never use it.

Think of these as investments in future productivity, not just creature comforts. They have handsome payback.

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