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Introduction to the Computer Hardware Buyers’ Glossary

He who controls vocabulary controls thought.
~ Luigi Wittgenstein (1889-05-26 1951-04-30 age:61)
This document defines terms used in advertisments for computer hardware. It is primarily about WinTel (Windows/Intel) computers, though some of it also applies to other platforms. The definitions are not always strictly accurate because they have been simplied for the first time computer buyer. First time buyers should ignore any sentences that begin Technically…. That is information for more advanced computer users and those building their own computers or installing their own upgrade components.

If you come across a term in a computer advertisement not listed here, or any errors or omissions, please send me an email.

This guide is made possible by contributions from individual and corporate sponsors. This glossary defines computer acronyms and terms.. Clicking on defined terms will take you to the primary website to learn more about that word. Please report even minor errors and unworking links, suggest new words to define, new definitions, or better URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) via email.

To avoid polluting the world with outdated copies, please do not redistribute it, though feel free to build links here and to cannibalise portions of it. Automation will eventually internally cross reference everything.


Steve Mastrianni of IBM (International Business Machines) provided the technical information on the various types of RAM (Random Access Memory). Bruce Stewart and Rj Sypek helped with the acronyms used in the various types of hard disk controllers. Joanne Dow and John Strom also helped.

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