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Introduction to the Java & Internet Glossary

He who controls vocabulary controls thought.
~ Luigi Wittgenstein (1889-05-26 1951-04-30 age:61)

This glossary is made possible by contributions from individual and corporate sponsors. This glossary defines acronyms and terms seen in*.

Clicking on defined terms will take you to the primary website to learn more about that word.

Please report even minor errors and unworking links, suggest new words to define, new definitions, or better URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) to email Roedy Green'.

To avoid polluting the world with outdated copies, please do not redistribute it, though feel free to build links here and to cannibalise portions of it. Automation will eventually internally cross reference everything.

My intent is to get people started not rigorous definition. Like Samuel Johnson, I make no pretence of objectivity and I openly admit that I have an agenda almost as grandiose as that of Star Trek’s Q.

If you are new to Java, the glossary can be overwhelming. Begin your investigations with the Getting Started entry.

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