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SUN (Stanford University Network). The company that started Java off. Oracle bought it on on 2010-01-20. Now child companies SunSoft, SunTest, JavaSoft and are carrying on the work. Sun sponsors University sites called SunSites. There are a set of undocumented classes, sun.*, that include FocusingTextField, HorizBagLayout, OrientableFlowLayout, BASE64, UUENCODE, CRC16, FIFO (First In First Out) and LIFO (Last In First Out) queues, Sort, Timer, FTPClient. NttpClient, SmtpClient, HttpClient, plus dozens more.

Sun is primarily a hardware company. It makes a line of UltraSPARC RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) CPU (Central Processing Unit) s, Sun Fire Servers and Sun Blade high end servers. They are focusing on low AC (Alternating Current) power consumption to reduce AC power costs and cooling costs. They have produced breakthroughs in bang-per-power-buck with their Cool-Thread multicore Niagara CPUs (Central Processing Units). They use 32+ cores with some shared logic. Oracle’s Unix compatible operating system is called Solaris available for Intel and UltraSPARC CPUs.

Sun also makes J4000 low-cost massive storage systems that can expand up to 480 terabytes.

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