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If you suspect you have found a bug in Oracle’s compiler or runtime, check the Java Bug Parade. It has a fairly sophisticated search engine. You can submit a bug report to Sun. If you reported an issue that could have a major impact on your project and you require a response, consider purchasing one of the support offerings. To get the best response submit the tiniest SSCCE that demonstrates the bug that you can muster. email feedback to Roedy Green or Canadian Mind Products. They will be fixed within a week or any money you paid will be refunded.

Computer languages tend to have a primary bug. In Java most problems manifest as a NullPointerException or a NoClassDefFoundError. In Forth, they show up as stray items left on the stack. In Assembler they show up as attempts to read outside the program address space. In FØRTRAN, it will show up as an index out of bounds. In C they show up at attempt to access low numbered locations.

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