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bug tracking
When you have a large project you need some sort of database to keep track of bugs, who is assigned to fix them, have they been fixed, have the fixes been verified. A more general system tracks all manner of tasks in getting a project ready.

Most of them let you take them for a test drive. That’s the best way to get one that’s the right fit for you.

Programmers tend to hate task trackers and will rebel if you force them to encode too much detail. Err on the side of making the programmers enter too little detail. Keep your codes simple so that programmers don’t waste time trying to find the right or waste time haveing someone recode entries with the wrong code. Navigation is the big problem: finding a piece of information if you don’t know its code.

Bug trackers include Bugzero and Bugzilla.

Task trackers include Jira
Edgewall Trac
RT: Request tracker.

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