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CurrCon Currency Converter

The CurrCon Java Applet displays prices on this web page converted with today’s exchange rates into your local international currency, e.g. Euros, US dollars, Canadian dollars, British Pounds, Indian Rupees… CurrCon requires an up-to-date browser and Java version 1.8, preferably 1.8.0_131. If you can’t see the prices in your local currency, Troubleshoot. Use Firefox for best results.


CurrCon stands for Currency Converter.

The currency converter lets you display prices/amounts in the native currency of the visitors to your website. The currency converter automatically selects the default currency to display based on the locale country setting of the browser. It currently supports 169 different currencies.

Unlike most currency converters, with this one, the user does not enter amounts to be converted. The values come from your web page. All prices on your web pages are instantly displayed in the user’s favourite currency without him having to do anything. For more details see the manual. The Currcon Currency Converter is also available with Java source to download.

Displaying Prices in Various Formats

CurrCon Display Variations
How a $30 USD
Price is displayed
Format Letter Combination
$30.00 USD $AcN
$30.00 USD $A
$30.00 USD $Ac
$30.00 USD c$A
$30.00 USD C$A
$30.00 USD $AC
$30.00 USD A
$30.00 USD N
$30.00 USD C
$30.00 USD c
$1,200,000.00 USD cA
$1,200,000.00 USD cP
Note how when you change the country all the prices on the page change in sync. You can even spin though all the country currencies with your scroll wheel on the mouse, without having to individually select the countries.

Java Requirements and Troubleshooting

CurrCon is a Java Applet to Currency Converter. You are welcome to install it on your own website. If it does not work…
  1. If Copy/Paste (Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V) do not work, you can turn them back on by modifying your java.policy file. This is not for the novice or faint of heart. instructions Your alternative is to download this program and run it without a browser.
  2. In the Java Control Panel security tab, click Start ⇒ Control Panel ⇒ Programs ⇒ Java ⇒ Security, configure medium security to allow self-signed and vanilla unsigned applets to run. If medium is not available, or if Java security is blocking you from running the program, configure high security and add to the Exception Site List at the bottom of the security tab.
  3. Often problems can be fixed simply by clicking the reload button on your browser.
  4. Make sure you have both JavaScript and Java enabled in your browser.
  5. Make sure the Java in your browser is enabled in the security tab of the Java Control panel. Click Start ⇒ Control Panel ⇒ Programs ⇒ Java ⇒ Security ⇒ Enable Java Content in the browser.
  6. This Java Applet needs 32-bit or 64-bit Java 1.8 or later. For best results use the latest 1.8.0_131 Java.
  7. You also need a recent browser.
  8. It works under any operating system that supports Java e.g. W2K, XP, W2003, Vista, W2008, W7-32, W7-64, W8-32, W8-64, W2012, W10-32, W10-64, Linux, LinuxARM, LinuxX86, LinuxX64, Ubuntu, Solaris, SolarisSPARC, SolarisSPARC64, SolarisX86, SolarisX64 and OSX
  9. Make sure your zoom is on normal 100% to give the Applet room to run.
  10. You should see the Applet above looking much like this screenshot. If you don’t, the following hints should help you get it working:
  11. Especially if this Applet has worked before, try clearing the browser cache and rebooting.
  12. To ensure your Java is up to date, check with Wassup. First, download it and run it as an application independent of your browser, then run it online as an Applet to add the complication of your browser.
  13. If the above Applet does not work, check the Java console for error messages.
  14. If the above Applet does not work, you might have better luck with the downloadable version available below.
  15. If you are using Mac OS X and would like an improved Look and Feel, download the QuaQua look & feel from UnZip the contained quaqua.jar and install it in ~/Library/Java/Extensions or one of the other ext dirs.
  16. Upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer or another browser.
  17. Click the Information bar, and then click Allow blocked content. Unfortunately, this also allows dangerous ActiveX code to run. However, you must do this in order to get access to perfectly-safe Java Applets running in a sandbox. This is part of Microsoft’s war on Java.
  18. Try upgrading to a more recent version of your browser, or try a different browser e.g. Firefox, SeaMonkey, IE or Avant.
  19. If you still can’t get the program working click the red HELP button below for more detail.
  20. If you can’t get the above Applet working after trying the advice above and from the red HELP button below, have bugs to report or ideas to improve the program or its documentation, please send me an email atemail Roedy Green.
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Displaying Exchange rates

You can also use CurrCon to display exchange rates like this:
euro 1 Euro is €1.00 EUR $0.00 USD
sterling 1 British pound Sterling is 1.00 GBP
dollar 1 US dollar is $1.00 USD
dollar 1 Canadian dollar is $1.00 CAD
dollar 1 New Zealand dollar is 1.00 NZD

To learn more about how it works read the CurrCon Manual.

CurrCon Currency Converter
4.5 2011-12-29 free Java
more infoprecismanualscreenshotbrowse source repository
for the current version of CurrCon Currency Converter.
Currency converter for web pages.
download 3.1MB zip for CurrCon Currency Converter Java source, compiled class files, jar and documentation to run on your own machine as an Applet.

Runs on any OS that supports Java e.g. W2K, XP, W2003, Vista, W2008, W7-32, W7-64, W8-32, W8-64, W2012, W10-32, W10-64, Linux, LinuxARM, LinuxX86, LinuxX64, Ubuntu, Solaris, SolarisSPARC, SolarisSPARC64, SolarisX86, SolarisX64 and OSX.

First install the most recent Java.

To install, extract the zip download with WinZip, (or similar unzip utility) into any directory you please, often J:\ — ticking off the use folder names option.

To check out the corresponding source from the Subversion repository, use the TortoiseSVN repo-browser to
access currcon source in repository with [Tortoise] Subversion client on

download ASP PAD XML program description for the current version of CurrCon Currency Converter.

$1989.00 US donated so far. If the CMP utilities solved your problem, please donate a buck or two, or donate to one of the charities featured in the footer public service ads throughout the website and get a tax receipt.

CurrCon Currency Converter is free. Full source included. You may even include the source code, modified or unmodified in free/commercial open source/proprietary programs that you write and distribute. Non-military use only.
CurrCon Manual
Currcon overview
currency codes
Currency Converter Student Project
downloading CurrCon
How to configure your country/currency in Vista
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