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In general, help is text the user can request to help her understand a program. Context sensitive help tries to guess just what questions the user would be asking herself at that particular stage of the program. Java documentation and help tends to be based on HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) files.

Help with Applets

You probably came here to get help because one of the Canadian Mind Products utilities, Applets or web pages did not work for you. Here are the most likely problems:

Help with Signed Applets and Java Web Start Apps

Installing the Canadian Mindprod Certificate

If you want to reduce hassle with signed Applets, you can once and for all install the Canadian Mind Products code-signing certificate and mark it is as trustworthy. All you have to do is click the button below:

Install Certificate

If that does not work, you can download the certificate and install it manually per the instructions under keytool.

Help With Java Web Start

Brute Force JWS

If you can’t get your browser to work with JWS just save the *.jnlp file to disk and run it from the command line with

The Windows Help Bug

With Vista, Microsoft dropped support for the old .hlp Windows help files. They wanted authors to convert their programs to the new Vista .chm format and issue new Vista versions. Most authors did not bother and help for old programs stopped working in Vista.

It was a bold planned obsolescence move, though they protest the motive was security. I am doubtful. They could have changed the help viewer to disable any potentially dangerous feature.

So what do you do? You can ask the author to provide a Vista version, or you can convert the .hlp files yourself to either .chh, .html, .pdf etc. Unfortunately, the new help won’t be integrated with the program to pop up in a context sensitive way. Microsoft provides a program called WinHlp32.exe that is supposed to make the old help files work again.

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