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[Q] Phone Numbers of Computer Vendors


Q/Cor(404) 923-6666laser printers
QAPlussee DiagSoft
QEMMsee Quarterdeck
QIC(805) 962-1541Fax Quarter Inch Drive Standard
(805) 963-3853Tape Standards
(805) 968-3853Quarter Inch Drive Standards
QICstreamsee Archive
QMODEMsee Forbin
QMS(205) 633-4300
(205) 633-4500Tech Support
(205) 633-7223laser printers
(800) 631-2692Voice
Quadramsee Boca
see Hayes
see Q/Cor
Quadratron(805) 494-1158
Quadtel(714) 754-4017Tech Support
(714) 754-4422Voice
Qualitas(301) 907-6700Voice
(301) 907-7400Tech Support
Qualstar(818) 882-4081Fax
(818) 882-5822Voice (tapes)
Quantasm(408) 244-6826Voice
Quantum(408) 432-1100Tech Support
(408) 943-0689Fax
(800) 345-3377RMA
(800) 624-5545Pre-Sales support
(800) 826-8022Post-Sales technical support
Quantum Technologies(604) 244-5952Voice Cases
(604) 244-5953Fax
(800) 929-8161
Quark(303) 894-3399
(303) 894-3998Fax
(303) 894-8822Tech Support
(303) 894-8888
(800) 788-7835
Quarterdeck(213) 392-9851Tech Sup.: Manifest
(213) 399-3802Fax
(310) 392-9701Tech Support
(310) 392-9851Voice
(416) 516-1349Canada
(416) 516-1350Fax
(800) 354-3222Orders
Que Software(317) 573-2500Typing Tutor, Rightwriter sales
(800) 992-0244Typing Tutor sales
(813) 923-0233Typing Tutor tech support
Quickensee Intuit
Quickpath Systems(510) 440-7283Sales
(510) 440-7284Tech Support
(510) 440-7288
(510) 440-7289Fax
(800) 995-8828
Quickstreamsee Archive
Qume(408) 942-4000printers
(800) 223-2479
QVoice(201) 786-6878

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