Notepad : Java Glossary


A simple text editor that comes with Windows. It has a companion called WordPad that lets you create formatted RTF (Rich Text Format) documents. NotePad lets you select the encoding when you do save as.

Notepad File Formats
Format Description
ANSI (American National Standards Institute) no BOM (Byte Order Mark). Usually 8-bit chars. The standard code page on a system e.g. Windows-1252 encoding.
Unicode 16-bit chars. BOM on start. little-endian, low order 8 bits come first. This is also what WordPad Unicode creates.
Unicode big endian 16-bit chars. BOM on start. big-endian, high order 8 bits come first. Network Standard.
UTF-8 8-bit chars, with multi-char sequences. BOM on start.

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