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transmission speed
How fast data can be transmitted from place to place, sometimes called bandwidth. It is measured in kilobits, kBps, 1,000s of bits per second, or megabits, Mbps (Megabits per second), millions of bits per second. Actual transfers are considerably lower because of software and protocol overhead. To get the equivalent kilo Bytes per second divide by 8.

Using a simple tool like TCP Optimizer, TweakMaster to tune your TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) connection can make an incredible difference in speed, sometimes a 100x improvement.

Service Types Available in BC
Providers PowerBoost
Download Times Links
Measuring Speed

Service Types

Transmission Speeds in Bits Per Second For Various Types of Service
56K 56K ordinary 56K V.90 modem
56K 56K Netzero 3G — same as ordinary dialup. With software they do some premptive caching, but the actual transmission speed is no faster.
64K 64K slow ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) 1-channel
114K 114K GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) cellphone
128K 128K fast ISDN 2-channel
721K 721K Bluetooth (wireless radio range 30 feet) What is the data throughput speed of a Bluetooth connection? Bluetooth transfers data at a rate of 721 Kbps, which is from three to eight times the average speed of parallel and serial ports, respectively. This bandwidth is capable of transmitting voice, data, video and still images.
700K 80K satellite
256K to 1,500K 256K to 1,500K DSL (Digital Subscriber Loop)
400K ?K Verizon Wireless Broadband
500K 400K slow ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line technology)
500K ? EV-DO cellphone, 2.4M theoretical
1.5M 128K? WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) cellphone
1.554M 1.554M T1
2M ?M UMTS (Universtal Mobile Telecommucations System) cellphone
2.5M 640K fast ADSL
1.5M to 3M claimed 128K,
or 600K
cable modem
shared with other subscribers. See table below.
4M 4M FIR (Fast Infrared) fast infrared, typical in laptops and digital cameras
6.312M 6.312M T2
45M 45M T3
10M 10M old style Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network)
12M 12M USB-1
44.730M 0 DS3, STS, OC-1
54M 54M WiFi wireless Internet Access via IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers) 802.11
100M 100M Ethernet LAN
155.52M 0 OC-3
480M 480M USB-2
622.08M 0 OC-12
2,488M 0 OC-48
9,953M 0 OC-192


Provider Type Download Speed
KiloBits per second
thousands of bits per second
Cablevision cable 800kBps
Comcast cable 794kBps
Cable Industry Average cable 787kBps
Shaw cable With Shaw extreme on 2016-04-03 I got 29.7 Mbps download and 2.76 Mbps upload using to test. Unfortuntately they don’t advertise what rates I am supposed to get. It costs $72.00 CAD a month. I do a lot of uploading, so I would prefer a plan with more balance. The download speed is more than adequate for downloading programs.
AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph) WorldNet DSL 762kBps
Cox cable 688kBps
SBC DSL 584kBps
Adelphia cable 574kBps
DSL Industry Average DSL 467kBps
Earthlink DSL 369kBps
Telus Velocity Enhanced ADSL 250kBps
Qwest DSL 240kBps
Telus ADSL 150kBps

Source: Ziff Davis. no longer posted. Beware any speed ratings from the vendors. Inflating by over a factor of 5 is common.

Download Times

A megabyte is one million bytes. A full floppy contains 1.44 Megabytes. A full CD-ROM (Compact Disc — Read Only Memory) contains 600 MB. A gigabyte is 1,000 megabytes.

A 56K modem transmits 5.6k bytes a second. A DSL connection transmits about 46K bytes a second. A cable connection transmits about 78K bytes a second. A 100 Mbps Ethernet LAN connection transmits about 8 Megabytes a second.

Approximate Download Times
Capacity 56K Modem DSL Modem Cable Modem 100M Ethernet LAN
meg 3 min 22 secs 13 secs 0.13 secs
floppy 4 min 31 secs 18 secs 0.18 secs
cd 30 hours 3.6 hours 2.2 hours 1.3 mins
gig 50 hours 6 hours 3.5 hours 2.1 mins

Measuring Speed

To fairly measure the speed of a your local link, you need to find a test server as close as possible. Here are sites to measure and tweak your transmission speed. Just use several tests and take the fastest. The one that gives the fastest result is the most accurate, since it is the closest and least affected by net delays.

If you are not getting expected speed, check the following:

Check carefully if you are measuring in bits per second or Bytes per second. To convert from bits per second to bytes per second download speed, divide by 8.

If you have poor quality lines, you will get scrambled or lost packets that have to be retransmitted, slowing down the flow. To estimate the quality of your lines see ping.

Performance of Canadian ISP (Internet Service Provider) s
% of advertised
actually provided
92 Rogers
77 Shaw
67 Telus
16 Bell
The bigger the percentage the better. A truly honest company would provide 100% of bandwidth advertised. They pointed out that older computers, routers, network cards and wiring can all slow you down. Most of the time, when you buy premium service, your bandwidth is no better. The companies justify scamming their customers this way because the entire industry does it and because they can’t guarantee an absolute minimum under all conditions.

What’s Available in BC

The two main providers are Telus, the phone company that offers DSL and Shaw the cable company that uses coax. Telus typically requires 3-year contracts and throws in some premium like a free monitor. It is up to you to notice if the companies are offerering cheaper plans. They won’t automatically upgrade you. Both offer sucker introductory rates.
Internet Connections Available In BC
Plan Monthly Cost
CurrCon Applet needs Java 1.8 or later to display prices in your local currency.
Download Speed
Upload Speed
Telus High Speed Lite $15.00 CAD 640 up to 152
Shaw High Speed Lite $22.00 CAD 256 128
Telus High Speed $26.00 CAD 1,500 to 6,000 640
Shaw High Speed $32.00 CAD 7,500 512
Shaw High Speed Extreme-I $42.00 CAD 15,000 1,000
Telus Turbo $51.00 CAD 10,000 to 15,000 1,000
Shaw High Speed Warp $93.00 CAD 25,000 2,000
Last revised/verified: 2009-03-11 The table is sorted in ascending order by price. Note that sometimes paying more gets you less performance! Prices shown are the costs after the 6 month sucker rate expires. Shaw rates presume you also get your cable TV from Shaw. If you have a website and do a lot of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) uploads to it, the upload speed is important too. Prices are always dropping, but if you sign up for a plan, the IAP (Internet Access Provider) will not automatically drop your prices. You have to sign up for a new plan to get the lower price. Plans usually lock you in at the old price for x months.

Telus ripped me off mightily when I did not pay attention to the dropping rates. For the same money I could get twice the upload speed and seven times the download speed as the old Velocity program.


Even when you sign up for slow speed Internet access, your cable modem is capable of much faster access. A command from the IAP office chokes the modem’s speed down. PowerBoost is a feature from Shaw cable where they open the speed full throttle for 30 seconds after you visit a new website or start downloading a new file. It lets you download small files very quickly. If you download a large file, the first 30 seconds proceed at high speed, then it drops back down to the rated speed.

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