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Rogers Wave
Rogers is a major Canadian cable company that offers cable modem access to the Internet, calling the scheme Rogers Wave or Rogers@home or Rogers@work. They have been taken over by Shaw cable. They put on huge amounts of clever, cute, misleading TV advertising. They advertise the Wave is up to (that favoured phrase of advertising scoundrels) 100 times faster than an ordinary modem. What is an ordinary modem, 300 baud? I noticed one customer was getting only about double the speed of an ordinary modem, though service that bad is not typical. It depends on what your neighbours are doing, since you share the same line. It also depends on the servers attached at the ISP (Internet Service Provider) end. Rogers do some double talk to confuse people about what the competing ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line technology) is. Rogers also misprepresents their competitors, the satellite companies, implying most customers are not happy with satellite service and return the equipment and that the staff of those companies act like robots. In reality, satellite offers much clearer pictures and sound and a much wider choice of programming, not to mention better ways of surfing. The Wave is not universally available and sometimes Rogers refuses to install it unless a building is already wired for cable. Rogers currently charges the same as Telus does for ADSL, $40.00 CAD a month, though they plan to start charging $15.00 CAD a month more for cable modem rental.

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