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a computer on the Internet that caches traffic from some subset of the possible newsgroup postings and allows you to access them a message at a time. Normally you use the news sever provided by your ISP/IAP.

Newsserver Name

The newsserver is often just called news, or it might have a name like news. Phone your ISP/IAP and ask or read their website to get the exact name. If the mail server is called chances are the newsserver will be called news.

Free Newsservers

Microsoft hosts a free newsserver called that handles the microsoft.public.access.* newsgroups.

Forté Agent

The Forté Agent newsreader lets you have multiple newsservers. You do this because it is rare to find a single server than handles everything you want to monitor. The Agent people also provide newsserver access for only $3.00 USD a month. They call it APN (Agent Premium Newsgroups) Subscription). The catch is, they only accept credit card monthly payments. You can’t pay a year in advance by PayPal or cheque.

Google Groups

Though Google Groups distributes material from the newsgroups and allows posting, it is not a true newsserver. It uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) browser protocol. A true newsserver uses a protocol called NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) specialised for reading newsgroups. It is somewhat faster than web browsing. Newsservers don’t talk to browsers. They talk to newsreaders. Using Google is confusing since message you post take perhaps 10 minutes to show up. Newbies panic and repost the same message over and over. Using Google Groups gives you low status, much like using an AOL (America Online) mail account.
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