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Trying to track newsgroups using a browser is a bit like eating your dinner with toothpick. It can be done, but it is slow and awkward. That approach should be reserved for emergencies. A newsreader is a program that lets you read postings in newsgroups and post messages for the all the world to read. It is a specialised tool. It does not work inside a browser. It lets you keep a record of your posts and other people’s posts. It lets you keep good posts permanently. It organizes the posts and allows you search your local database. It lets you filter out posts from twits and spammers.

The newsreader talks a specialised newsgroup NNTP protocol to the newsserver, usually provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). A browser talks to an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) server such as Google. Newsreaders don’t talk to Google and browsers don’t talk to new servers. Newsreaders use separate mechanism for delivering news from the browser-based Google Groups that you may be used to. It is the same content. Google works by translating between the two delivery mechanisms.

Newsreader Vendor List

Popular newsreader programs include: maintains a list of newsreaders.

A newsreader can also refer to a hand-held unit like a Kindle used for reading newspapers electronically. The New York Times has one that works with Adobe Air.

Google Groups: lets you use a browser as a newsreader
newsserver: lists of free and pay newsservers

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