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mindprod.com is the domain of Canadian Mind Products, once a company of about ten people but now one-man company, just me Roedy Green. In theory I write custom software for people, but in practice I mostly write software I think the world needs and give it away free. I also lobby on behalf of many political and environmental causes. The site is eclectic. The total storage of about 1.2 GB is allocated roughly as follows:
Allocation of space on the mindprod.com website
area Percent of space
sound files 34.4%
downloadable zips 23.9%
the replicator site mirror 15.4%
images 9.1%
Java glossary 7.6%
King James bible 1.5%
book referrals 1.3%
politics 0.6%
The rest is about the environment, human rights, animal rights, gay glossary, buyer’s glossary…

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