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Canadian Mind Products  Canadian Mind Products
a not-for-profit company dedicated to thinking globally and acting globally. née Consolidated Moose Pasture. When I was a kid there was a comic strip called There Aughta Be A Law that often featured a rag tag company called Consolidated Moose Pasture. I told my three sisters that when I grew up I was going to have a company called CMP (Canadian Mind Products). We would sue people who made fun of us. Back in 1985, when Byte magazine asked to publish an article on Abundance, my "public domain powerhouse" home-brew computer language, they asked what CMP stood for. I couldn’t tell them the truth or they might change their mind about publishing, so on the spot I stammered out a fresh interpretation of the acronym. At one point CMP was 8 people, but at this point it has dwindled down to just me, Roedy Green and one computer.

Since CMP produces largely intangibles such as software, consulting and advice, you could consider them products of the mind or mind products.

Circa 1972 I watched a master Chinese painter. He worked for what felt like hours doing nothing but pecking away at his brush. Suddenly he stabbed the brush onto the paper. Everyone jumped. He pulled the brush away and there was an intricately detailed picture of a bird and chrysanthemum produced instantaneously . In a similar way, I still have hopes my work with BBL (Big Black Lady) and Abundance may be similarly translated to Java.

I always hoped to go to a third world country and run a computer school. Unfortunately, HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus) has weakened my health so much I had to put that goal on hold permanently. However, with this website I have helped students all over the world, particularly in India learn to program in Java.

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