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double click

Double clicking is hitting the left mouse button rapidly, twice in succession. It can leave you babbling and drooling trying to get the cadence just right. If you do it too rapidly, it will be interpreted as jitter or hand tremor attempting a single click. If you do it too slowly, it will be interpreted as two separate clicks. I personally only get double click to take about 30% of the time. It drives me crazy.

The trick is being completely consistent in your timing. You can go into the Control Panel ⇒ Mouse to speed up or slow down the expected double click rate. Alternatively, right click the desktopPersonalisechange mouse pointers. Click apply after each change to make it stick.

What is Double Click Used For?

It is used in Windows to launch programs. It is used in Java as an accelerator shortcut. It is not used in browsers.

Disadvantages of Double Clicking

I detest double clicking things.

Fixes for Double Click

Third Party Solutions

mouse double click middle button Search for similar solutions.

You can check if the third party software is running with the task manager. Typically it starts itself when you boot and does not advertise its presence.

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