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This essay does not describe an existing computer program, just one that should exist. This essay is about a suggested student project in Java programming. This essay gives a rough overview of how it might work. I have no source, object, specifications, file layouts or anything else useful to implementing this project. Everything I have prepared to help you is right here.

This project outline is not like the artificial, tidy little problems you are spoon-fed in school, when all the facts you need are included, nothing extraneous is mentioned, the answer is fully specified, along with hints to nudge you toward a single expected canonical solution. This project is much more like the real world of messy problems where it is up to you to fully the define the end point, or a series of ever more difficult versions of this project and research the information yourself to solve them.

Everything I have to say to help you with this project is written below. I am not prepared to help you implement it; or give you any additional materials. I have too many other projects of my own.

Though I am a programmer by profession, I don’t do people’s homework for them. That just robs them of an education.

You have my full permission to implement this project in any way you please and to keep all the profits from your endeavour.

Please do not email me about this project without reading the disclaimer above.

This is a Windows-only project. It will require using some Windows-specific coding, i.e. some JNI (Java Native Interface)

Double clicking with a mouse is infuriating. If you click too fast, your double click is treated as a single click. If you click too slowly, your double click is treated as two single clicks. One way out of this is to buy a premium mouse such as the The ROCCAT Kone Pure Color Inferno Orange Gaming Mouse. You can configure one of its buttons to electronically generated a perfect double click.

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒ROCCAT Kone Pure Color Inferno Orange Gaming Mouseto electronic home
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ROC-11-700-O. I was having trouble with the wheel on my old mouse. I asked around which mouse had the best wheel. This was one of the less expensive candidates that everyone held in high regard. This is a high performance compact corded gaming mouse with a titanium wheel. It also comes in white, red, light blue, grey, khaki and black. Laser. 8200 DPI. 1000 reports per second. Attaches to USB-2 port. 3.8 meters per second.
  • Left and right click.
  • Forward and back right thumb button.
  • Scroll wheel press, scroll wheel up, scroll wheel down (but not tilt. Tilt can be simulated with other buttons.)
  • + - buttons just behind scroll wheel.
You can toggle buttons between two configurations. You can simulate double click with a button. The wheel is unusually clicky and stiff. The surface has an unusual texture. It is not slippery, but it is unusually smooth. It feels a bit like a plastic chopping block. The feel is pleasing and unique. It fits my hand solidly in a pleasing way. I have not yet pressed any buttons by mistake. I suspect it is because buttons offer more resistance than other mice. 90 grams. Omron mechanical switches. Silliness: you can make the logo glow in any colour you please or vary. It has an on-board 32-bit ARM processor with 576KB onboard memory. Works on PC. Specs. Review with detailed photos. Mine arrived on 2014-10-23. It gradually died, missing clicks, and became unusable on 2017-10-04. By then, half the paint had worn off. Comes with expensive, multilayer, multicolour retail packaging. You must download a zip from the website to get the driver, utility and firmware. The mouse works as a generic mouse until you do that. The utility presents a control panel as complicated as an airline cockpit. You can control button assignments, sensitivity, DPI settings, vertical and horizontal tilt speed and mouse use statistics. It does not duplicate the Windows Mouse panel settings such as double click speed. The main negative is the cord barely reached to my left-side underdesk tower case. You might need an extension cord. The body is made with translucent plastic painted black. After a year, about ¼ of the paint had worn off. This did not interfere with its function but it no longer looked nearly as sexy. I asked myself, why didn’t they make the body out of solid black plastic? That would be durable. There is a glowing cat on one end of the mouse. If the body were solid black plastic, the light would not be able to get through. To get the durability, I would be willing to sacrifice the glowing logo. Its only function is an aux computer AC power indicator.
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You can use trial and error in the Windows settings to change the timing. I have never been able to find a setting the works reliably.

This project lets the user try 20 practice double clicks, and calculates the optimal timing to have the most of them treated as double clicks. It then simulates setting the click timing.

Over a day, your double click rate may drift. An advanced version of this program monitors you all the time and dynamically adjusts the rate.

Double click

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