Electronic: Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse — Red and Black

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asin B005KSAOKI
1000 DPI. 1000 reports per second. There were a few problems getting started. There is a catch on the bottom you much flick to open the mouse to insert the batteries. The old unifying receiver did not work. When I installed the one that came with the mouse, off it went. I later discovered you can match any mouse to any receiver by running the Unifying software. I could not double click at all until I visited the SetPoint setup screen. This is a full-size mouse with laser optics. It is a relatively expensive model I got half price at Staples. It comes in red, silver and dark blue. Oddly, they are not the same price. It has a very precise vertical scroll. It seems to scroll one pixel at a time. It has only two buttons. I normally like it that way. I am always hitting the extra buttons by mistake, though I discovered you can configure them to do nothing. The feet are quite thin. I expect to wear through them in no time. It is advertised to work on any surface. I use an ideal 3M mousepad. Mouse control is limited by my muscular control. What I would like is for the mouse to become progressively more insensitive when I am moving slowly. The SetPoint software confusingly shows the mouse having two scroll wheels. The lower one is just a magnified view of the upper one. I would like the middle button (scroll wheel) to double click, however, SetPoint cannot do that. When I found third party software to do that, I discovered every time I clicked the middle mouse button (the scroll wheel) the cursor would move north causing me to double click north of where I intended. I need a real middle mouse button for simulating double click. It is possible to configure the two buttons and the tilting the scroll where left/right to do dozens of functions, except double click. You can for example configure Ctrl-F4 to close the current window. The sides have a rubbery feel, which is nice to grip, but hard to clean. The most annoying thing about the mouse is it creeps vertically a tiny amount even when I am not touching it. If the cursor is pointing at a multiple choice menu, it will change the choice without my permission. The reason I have to get rid of it is that it reports tiny mouse wheel movements even when I am not touching the wheel or even the mouse. This causes options in scrollable boxes to mysteriously change. It is worse when I move the mouse quickly. It makes programs like Funduc Search/Replace almost impossible to use.
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