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asin B003NR57BY
This has left and right mouse button, a scroll wheel which you can click as a middle mouse botton and two more mouse buttons on the left side you click with your thumb for forward and back. It is not suitable for left-handed people. You can tilt the scroll wheel to left/right scroll horizontally. The specs say it has a zoom wheel but I see no sign of it in any of the pictures. It turns out this is a bit of marketing hype. If you press the scroll wheel, your cursor-arrow changes to a 4-headed black arrowhead, then you move it slightly up or down for vertical scrolling; right or left for horizontal scrolling. If you press the wheel again and then turn it up or down; that’s the zoom. I don’t know if you can use the SetPoint software to simulate a double click with one of the thumb buttons. I had a mouse similar to this. I had a problem with frequently hitting the thumb buttons by mistake. (I did not realise I could turn them off). It uses an invisible infrared (heat) laser. It is not particularly precise. Logitech don’t publish specs. The scroll wheel has a clicky feel. Black. Blue is $3 extra. Comes with two alkaline AA batteries. You can configure any of the 6 functions to do any of dozens of options including nothing, double click, or Ctrl-F4 (close). The scroll wheel is not a suitable candidate for double click since when you click it you inadvertently scroll north of what you intended to double click.
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